Videos for SAAS

Reach better audiences with better videos.

Higher Retention

Stay top of mind with prospects
If your video stands out, then you stand out

Better Understanding

Have prospects understand how you solve their problems right away

Increased Conversions

Increase your chances of converting prospects into clients

How it works?

Upload your video

Add your brand assets & inspiration links

We transform your video

Review & adjustments


Try one video for


  • Up to 1 minute long video

  • 6 Screen Resolutions

  • 2 Revision rounds

  • 7 - 10 day delivery (Depending on feedback loop)


What happens when I buy one video?
When you buy a video you will recieve access to the project dashboard and a quick guide explaining how to navigate it.
How does communication work?
It is better to keep all communication in one place, so all communication will be happening through the dashboard.
How does the dashboard work?
When you purchase your first video, you will recive a quick guide explaining in detail how it all works.
Do you offer voice-over?
It is not part of the main offering, but if the quality of the audio of your current video is not great, then we can discuss that.
Do you have a guarantee?
Due to the creative nature of our product, we cannot offer a specific guarantee. But we will make sure to help you communicate the specific key issues you are solving so that your prospects have a clear understanding of your product.
Do you have a bundle offer?
If you want to have more than one video done, we can negotiate a bundle offer that better suits your needs.

About Us

Who is videotasked?

I'm Kevin Florentin Sprung, founder of Videotasked.
The idea came from the need that SAAS companies have to create great video content to stand out from their competitors and reach their target audience.
Are you unsure about your video strategy?
Reach out and I'll help you figure it out.

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